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We are a forward-thinking team of designers, developers, writers and creators driven by passion — and fuelled by new technologies.

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richard hobson
Co-founder & head of business
william giani
lead developer
Core services


nft drops, smart contract design and implementation


nft / game integration

are you a game-maker? we can add nfts to your game and plug you directly into the blockchain.

dynamic profile picture nfts

dynamic pfps connect to a range of social platforms and react to external stimuli. are you a streamer going live? a venue running a special event? whatever the need, we can build it.

graphic design and animation

we can handle all of your design needs, making the process of adding digital collectibles to your business or brand super simple.

Advice and consultation

are you just looking for advice or guidance around how to move your business into web 3.0? we can help.

Blockchain development

our developers are blockchain experts, working across multiple projects. whatever your need, we can build it.

who we are

A web 3 digital
design agency

With an impeccable reputation, Ultra Rare have been highly innovative in the NFT space, utilising new minting systems, levelling up collector rewards and creating a first of its kind NFT comic viewer, as well as bringing iconic horror franchise, Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the blockchain.

Ultra Rare have seen phenomenal growth, growing from 2 unemployed guys in the north east of england, locked inside during COVID, to a team of 15, with multiple sell-out drops, achieving around $3m in primary and secondary sales revenue in year one, with a dedicated and passionate fanbase. 

Having had an interest in crypto for many years, founder Richie has always believed in the idea of NFTs. Co-founder John, with a background in graphic design and screenwriting, having written extensively for film and TV, is a collector who just loves to be creative.

When Richie first told John about digital collectibles, many years ago, John thought Richie was crazy. Digital collectibles didn’t make sense. You want to feel the thing, touch it, hold it. But Richie was certain this was the future. And when John - a massive garbage pail kids fan - saw the first GPK series released on the wax blockchain, he had to have a set. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the pair started wondering whether they could make their own collectible series…

As a company, we have a simple mission: create high quality utility-packed digital collectibles that surprise, delight and excite. We firmly believe in the power of Web 3.0 and we will harness it for you, your business, project or brand.

vision statement:
Ultra Rare aims to be the leading brand in digital collectibles in the world while maintaining ou runcompromising values as we grow.

Mission statement:
To harness the power of digital collectibles to inspire innovation and creativity – one person, business and brand at a time.

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